Sep 11, 2020
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The daughter showed how Lyubov Uspenskaya looked in her youth

14:47, 09/11/2020

Tatiana Plaksina published an archive photo of her mother taken on the beach.

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Lyubov Uspenskaya first became a mother in 1989. Then the long-awaited daughter of the singer was born, who was named Tatiana. The father of the girl became a businessman Alexander Plaksin - the fourth husband of Lyubov Uspenskaya. The birth of a child became a special event in the life of the artist, who had suffered an unsuccessful pregnancy before.

Tatiana Plaksina's childhood was held in the USA, where her parents lived, but she graduated from school in Moscow. The desire of the daughter of Uspenskaya to live abroad over time did not go anywhere, and a relative of the star began to live in two countries. It is known that Plaksina is fond of yoga, and also writes pictures, which can be seen in her microblog on Instagram. Tatyana prefers to keep her personal life secret, but occasionally publishes pictures of her family. For example, today she posted an archive photo of Lyubov Uspenskaya in a swimsuit.

The daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya published her archival photo taken on the beach

Once, the relationship between Uspenskaya and Plaksina was good. The mother strongly supported her daughter after the accident, because of which Tatyana's face was injured. The girl herself has repeatedly demonstrated good vocal abilities that she inherited from her mother. Now the relative does not communicate. The discord in the Ouspenskaya family occurred after the release of the scandalous release of the program "Stars converged". Tatyana said on the air of the program that Lyubov Uspenskaya locked her in the bathroom and tried to strangle her, and also exerted psychological pressure on her.

Ouspenskaya reacted sharply to her daughter's revelations. She began to accuse journalists of holding Tatiana by force and forcing them to speak badly about her mother. The artist complained that for several days then she could not get in touch with Plaksika. Later, the singer's daughter returned home and apologized to her mother, saying to the camera that she had succumbed to emotions. However, the family failed to resume normal communication. Tatyana Plaksina decided to return to Los Angeles, where her father Alexander Plaksin lives. Now Lyubov and Tatiana periodically continue to sort things out through their microblogs on Instagram.

Tatiana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

“Nothing has changed, Mom. ZERO respect for PEOPLE and everything that you accuse me of is YOUR SINS - everything that comes from your lips - you say to yourself. This is your ego speaking. I left and live separately - and what do I owe you? Wake up mom. It is you who must see how you relate to others - to your family - you destroyed it with your serpentine energy poisonous from the devil. Lies are always visible, "wrote Plaksina (spelling and punctuation of the author unchanged - Prim. line.).

Lyubov Uspenskaya is not trying to improve relations with her daughter. Moreover, the star said that she would like to have another child. First, the artist published a video with a little boy - then all the fans thought that Ouspenskaya had adopted the baby, and began to congratulate her on the joyful event. However, it later turned out that the child turned out to be the son of Milana Tyulpanova, who simply stopped by to visit the singer.

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