Dec 30, 2020
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The daughter of Valentina Legkostupova touchingly honored the memory of her mother by publishing her archival childhood photo with her

08:09, 12/30/2020

Today the singer could have turned 55 years old.

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Many people know Valentina Legkostupova for her hits “Berry-Raspberry” and “A Drop in the Sea”. On December 30 of the outgoing year, she could have turned 55 years old, but the artist did not live to see her birthday. On August 14, the singer died in a Moscow hospital without regaining consciousness. Valentina Valerievna had a head injury, which was learned too late. A week before his death, the pop star was taken to the medical center in a state of severe alcoholic intoxication. Legkostupova was conscious and did not complain about her health, she became worse a few hours after hospitalization, which is why the artist was transferred to another clinic. She was operated on, but not saved.

Valentina Legkostupoy – 55 years old

On the day of the anniversary of Valentina Legkostupova, the singer’s 29-year-old daughter Annette Brill touchingly honored the memory of her mother by publishing an archival childhood photo with her. She remembered that one of the last songs of the celebrity was called “Angel” and noted that this is symbolic, since her mother became a guardian angel for her and 19-year-old brother Matvey, who, according to the author of the publication, even laughs like her.

“Memory. A bright memory is something that no one will be able to denigrate. Truth is something that my mother appreciated and fought for all her life. There was such an amazing song from the brilliant Vysotsky – “Ballad of Truth and Lies.” Now I understand its meaning more than ever. I see my mother in every flower of her beloved sunflower, I see her smile and a dimple on the cheek in the smile of my eldest daughter, I see her eyes in the sad look of my grandmother, I hear her laugh in Matvey’s laughter, and still when I close my eyes I can smell her perfume … How difficult this year was … how cruel and merciless, ”wrote the daughter of Easystupova in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. Noteed.). Anetta added that she now knows what to ask Santa Claus on New Year’s Eve so that no one leaves, and stressed that her mother would definitely like life to go on, albeit without her.

Valentina Legkostupova with her daughter

Recall that Anette herself will have her 30th birthday in early January. The eldest daughter of Valentina Legkostupova was born in 1991 in the marriage of a singer with a musician Igor Kushnarev… The artist married him as a student, and after becoming pregnant, she postponed her career on the big stage. The baby was named Anetta in honor of the daughter of the composer Raymond Pauls, who, with his songs, opened the way for Valentina to the big stage.

The family life of Legkostupova and Kushnarev did not work out, and the couple broke up. The singer’s daughter was then only three years old. The artist had to get out of maternity leave and start making money herself. Two years later, the singer got married again. She became her chosen one Alexey Grigoriev, who was the son of director Yuri Grigoriev and worked as concert director for Valentina. In 2001, the performer had a son Matvey… The marriage with Grigoriev broke up 20 years later. According to Legkostupova, her husband began to drink and, among other things, did not get along with Anette and even forbade her to live with her mother. The singer endured for a long time, but once she realized that she had to leave.

Valentina Legkostupova met the new chosen one Yuri Firsov on social networks. And after several years of virtual acquaintance, the singer decided on live communication. The yachtsman invited her to take part in the regatta. The artist did not refuse the persistent fan. In early July 2020, she and her lover became husband and wife. Close singers could not accept her choice, believing that the relationship with Firsov led to a tragedy.

Valentina Legkostupova with her third husband Yuri Firsov

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