Jan 26, 2021
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The daughter of Valentina Legkostupova said that the singer’s 72-year-old mother became ill after the news about the criminal punishment for scattering her ashes

09:05, 26.01.2021

Earlier it was reported that the family of the deceased artist faces a sentence for fulfilling her will.

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Valentina Legkostupova, who is known for her hits “Berry-Raspberry” and “A Drop in the Sea”, died on 14 August. The 54-year-old singer had a head injury that was discovered too late. A week before his death, the pop star was taken to the medical center in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. Then Legkostupova was conscious and did not complain about her health. She became worse a few hours after hospitalization, which is why the artist was transferred to another clinic. Valentina Valerievna was operated on, but not saved.

After the death of Easy-Accessible, the singer’s relatives were divided into two camps. On the one hand, the artist’s widower Yuri Firsov, whom she married in the summer of 2020. On the other, her 30-year-old daughter Annette and 19 year old son Matvey, as well as the 72-year-old mother of the artist Galina Ivanovna… Valentina Valerievna’s children believe that her last husband is to blame for the tragedy, who could have had a devastating effect on the star. The yachtsman considers himself an injured party, who is forbidden to take personal belongings from the apartment of the deceased and also was not allowed to fulfill the last will of his wife, who asked to scatter the ashes in case of death in Tenerife. At the beginning of winter, Anette, not agreeing to give the remains of her mother to her widower, scattered one part of the ashes of Easystupova over the Black Sea, and planned to bury the second part at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

Valentina Legkostupova with her third husband Yuri Firsov

Yesterday it became known that for fulfilling the will of Legkostupova, her family with the wording “abuse of the body” faces a criminal penalty of up to five years in prison. From such news to the mother of the artist, who still cannot recover after the death of her daughter, she felt bad again. “To say that I am shocked by this story is to say nothing. Our family still cannot recover from the sudden death of our mother. For the grandmother, the news that she abused the body of her only daughter was a terrible blow and she still cannot come to her senses. I don’t understand how inhuman and cruel one can be to say that the family has abused the body? We have fulfilled the will of our mother in her lifetime, ”Anette Bril said indignantly.

The daughter of Easy Access does not lose hope that an investigation will be carried out, which will put everything in its place. She also suggested that this scandal is being inflated in order to distract from the most important question – who was involved in the death of the star. “These are attempts to shut up and not give an answer to the questions that are in the air. And the other goal is banal mercantilism. In my opinion. And the desire to receive the entire inheritance, “- commented on the situation Bril.

Valentina Legkostupova

We add that star lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that Legkostupova’s relatives did not commit a crime. “Relatives of Valentina Legostupova observed all the norms of the law during cremation and dispelling. Secondly, her expression of will is properly documented. At the same time, it is not denied by any of the relatives, including the ex-husband. This event was attended by both official state bodies and organizations that are accredited for the relevant actions. Everything was done in strict accordance with the law, ”the lawyer said in an interview with Channel Five.

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