Dec 30, 2020
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The daughter of the late Valentina Legkostupova said that the singer’s widower took 600 thousand rubles from her apartment

17:29, 29.12.2020

According to Annette Bril, Yuri Firsov’s son blackmailed her.

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Valentina Legkostupova died on August 14, 2020. It is believed that the 54-year-old artist slipped in the bathroom, fell and hit her head, which later led to cardiac arrest. After the death of Valentina Valerievna, her loved ones cannot come to peace: the widower Yuri Firsov finds out relations with the children of the star – Anette and Matvey… In addition, now relatives are fighting for Legkostupova’s inheritance. So, the daughter of the late artist said that back Yuri Firsov took a decent amount of money from his wife’s apartment.

According to Anneta Bril, at the end of November this year, Firsov’s son called her and asked to give her the keys to his father’s old car, which were allegedly in Legkostupova’s apartment. The artist’s widower’s son immediately indicated that if Annette did not give the keys, then Firsov would claim the inheritance. The daughter of the late Valentina Legkostupova went to meet him, so she met with Yuri’s son and let him into the apartment. The first thing he did, according to Annette, ran to pick up the hidden money, communicating with Firsov over the speakerphone: “It’s amazing that Yuri forgot what happened to his mother on that fateful day when she got bruises, but he remembers perfectly well where they were kept. money”.

Valentina Legkostupova and Yuri Firsov

As a result, the son of Yuri Firsov, as noted by Annette Bril, took $ 8,500 from the apartment. Nevertheless, the widower of Easy-Access claims the inheritance. The keys were just an excuse, says the daughter of the late artist. However, the Legkostupova family does not intend to understand who exactly this money belonged to.

Annette Bril does not believe that Yuri Firsov will share the inheritance with the son of the late Valentina Legkostupova: “Hearing that Firsov wants to give him his share of the inheritance, Matvey simply laughed. How can this person care about the future of my brother, if he once attacked the guy with a knife, knocked out the door and kicked him out of the house literally into the street? ” In addition, as Annette said, Firsov, being drunk, even raised his hand against the singer’s son. According to the daughter of the late singer, Yuri himself confessed this in one of the telephone conversations that Anneta Bril kept.

Valentina Legkostupova and Annette Bril

Before that, Annette’s brother Bril lived with his deceased mother, and now he lives with his sister. Yuri Firsov, according to the daughter of the late singer, never called Matvey during all this time, did not ask how he was doing. “Of course, my brother could refute the statements of Firsov, but he is a non-public person and he absolutely does not want to get dirty in all this dirt that is pouring on us. For him, the death of his mother has become a huge stress, “- said Annette Bril in an interview with” KP “.

However, now the relatives of the late Valentina Legkostpova are most worried about the fact that Firsov got access to the materials of the pre-investigation check, which should not be disclosed. For this reason, Anette Bril turned to the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin… The star heiress asked to pay attention to the activities of the widower of Easystupova Yuri Firsov, whom the artist’s colleagues and her children consider to be involved in Valentina’s death. According to Anneta, the artist’s widower, Yuri Firsov, deliberately spread rumors about her mother on the Web, thereby preventing the institution of a criminal case.

Annette Bril appealed to the head of the Investigative Committee for help

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