Apr 5, 2021
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The daughter of Teona Kontridze found out the name of the real parent from the TV

Jazz singer Teona Kontridze said that her daughter Redi-Mariam found out who her biological father is.

The daughter of Teona Kontridze found out the name of the real parent from the TV

In the early 2000s, Teona Kontridze met with the star of the “Star Factory” Yuri Titov. The singer admitted that it was a disastrous relationship and the only happiness presented by Titov was the daughter of Redi-Mariam.

Kontridze told in the program “Once upon a time …” that Titov had thrown her, and years later burst into her daughter’s life.

When Theona got heavy, Yuri’s career interested more than home. Having found out that his beloved was expecting a child from him, Titov withdrew. After that, Kontridze married Nikolai Klopov and found happiness. However, a few years later, Titov showed up, stating that he was awakened by the desire to meet his daughter.

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“They burst into our marshmallow world with their feet. I begged him, I chatted to him: “Let me raise a child, there is no need to hack. We will do everything, but we will do it beautifully, “” recalls the performer.

Kontridze noted that the ex-lover told everything. As a result, Redi-Mariam found out from the TV who her real father was.

According to Teona, the girl calmly and wisely reacted to this fact.

“She has a fantastic father, whom she adores, so it was disastrous for her, but she got out of this situation with dignity and continued to live,” said the jazz singer.

In alliance with Nikolai Klopov, Teona had a son, Nikolai. 15-year-old Redi-Mariam dreams of becoming an artist, like a mother. She paints, plays the piano and studies Korean.

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