Jul 4, 2020
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The daughter of singer Hannah sang a lullaby

The daughter of singer Hannah sang a lullaby

29-year-old singer Hannah shared incredibly sweet video with one-year-old daughter Adriana.

Singer five years happily married with the CEO of the label Black Star Pasha (Pavel Kurganova). Lovers try all my free time to devote to the family.

Star spouses don't hide baby, what's more - happy to share its successes. It turns out that the baby may follow in the footsteps of his mother. Adriana loves to sing, and she is good at it.

Today, Hanna has posted a video in which the daughter sings along to her lullaby. The girl clearly knows all the words: when the mother pauses, she continues to sing alone. Adriana together with singer captured in bright tracksuits they really are.

"Ham today 1 year and 10 months ❤ good but what is that really cute 🥰🥰🥰
We hike soon on vocals)))"- said Hannah fans in Instagram.

Members admired the touching videos and touching efforts of baby Adriana. "Sweetness," wrote Rita Dakota. "What are her emotions", "congratulations! A charming girl", "how lovely, kids are so cute", "you're my Honey, a song sings, the sun", "A sweetie pie", "Baby small"- said the follower.

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