Jan 24, 2021
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The daughter of Sergei Yursky, two years after the death of his father, erected a monument at his grave

12:27, 01.24.2021

Daria couldn’t choose a tombstone.

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In February 2019, at the age of 84, the legendary actor Sergei Yursky died. The cause of death of the artist was cardiac arrest. The death of Jurassic was confirmed by his daughter Daria, who, in an interview with reporters, noted that her father had been struggling with a terrible disease for a long time.

Daria Yurskaya was very upset by the loss of her father. For two years she nurtured the idea of ​​creating a monument to his grave and was looking for a suitable performer. However, only recently was she able to carry out her plans.

Sergey Yursky with his daughter Daria

According to Daria, next to Yursky are the graves of Valentin Gaft and Valery Khlevinsky – the three masters were very friendly and have now found their last refuge at the Troekurovsky cemetery. On the air of the program “You Won’t Believe!” on the NTV channel, she said that she often looks there. Daria also shared that she recently erected a monument at her father’s grave. Its grand opening is scheduled for February 8th.

“For two years we have been looking for a monument to be made by nature. The task is almost impossible, but we found a huge sandstone. The artist made an amazing inscription, ”said Daria. According to her, the Mossovet Theater, on the stage of which Yursky performed since 1978, offered assistance in the installation of the monument, including financial. “They were always in touch, but financially we did it ourselves,” admitted Daria on the air of NTV.

Monument at the grave of Sergei Yursky

Jurassic admits that despite the fact that almost two years have passed since her father’s death, she still cannot come to terms with his loss. “There is never a minute when I don’t think about him. I believe that he is with me all the time, and often dreams. But I don’t need to sleep for this, it is in me. As it hurt, it is – you just get used to it, ”the actress summed up.

The fact that Jurassic has health problems became known at the end of 2018. Then the artist was urgently hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of one of the capital’s clinics. However, a few hours after the appearance of information about Yura’s health problems, representatives of the theater in which the People’s Artist of Russia served, reassured that he was in the hospital for preventive treatment.

Sergei Yursky as Ostap Bender in the scene of the film “The Golden Calf”

Recall that Sergei Yurievich Yursky was born in 1935 in Leningrad. Played at the Gorky Bolshoi Drama Theater. In 1978 he moved to Moscow, where he became an actor of the Mossovet Theater. In addition, Sergei Yurievich played on the stage of the School of Contemporary Play.

Yursky was remembered by the viewer for the roles of Ostap Bender in The Golden Calf, Gruzdev in The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed, Uncle Mitya in Love and Doves, Vikniksora in The Republic of ShKID, Master Roche in Look for a Woman and many others. The last time the actor appeared on the big screens was in 2015. In addition, the artist devoted many years to the theater stage, where he acted not only as one of the leading members of the troupe, but also as a director. He staged such performances as “Theme with Variations”, “Truth is good, but happiness is better”, “There was not a penny, but suddenly altyn” and others.

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