Apr 17, 2021
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The daughter of Mikhail Efremov asks to call her by a man’s name


The daughter of actor Mikhail Efremov, Anna Maria has changed her name once again.

The 20-year-old daughter of Efremova asks not to address her in the feminine gender, calling herself a non-binary person, that is, one who does not consider himself to be of either sex. The girl’s unusual outlook attracts public attention, so many journalists are not averse to interviewing her.

However, as it turned out, this is not easy to do. Journalist Anna Mongait spoke about the failed attempt to invite the star heiress to television and what name she now bears. “Yesterday I wrote a post about how Seryozha Efremov (formerly Anna Maria) mockingly refused to give us an interview until we sign a contract with him and rename the program from female to neutral. The audience felt that I was thereby humiliating him, although the post was about how difficult it is in such a situation to agree on an interview when you are presented with impossible conditions. Oh..… “- the journalist was indignant.

Daughter of Mikhail Efremov
Daughter of Mikhail Efremov

However, netizens sided with Efremova, who now asks to call herself Sergei. “It was you who wrote a mocking, offensive post about a person who simply refused to interview you. Pros, of course ”; “Refusal from an interview, a charity event or just communication is a personal matter for everyone and does not even need motivation. This can be obliged to appear in court. And to comment on refusals, it seems, to produce new ones ”; “Seryoga, handsome, a real man. Strength and honor. The pivot is immediately visible“, – support the newly-made” son “of the actor.

Recall that earlier Sergei asked to call him / her Ayam Tillmari, which surprised the public a lot. He explains the strangeness in his behavior by a difficult childhood. The mother of the former Anna Maria – Ksenia Kachalina – suffers from alcohol addiction, she has repeatedly subjected her daughter to domestic violence.

Before, I sincerely wanted to help her, despite what she did to me as a child. I saved up money, persuaded my father, planned: they say, rehabilitation, hospital, psychiatry – everything. And after these words, I realized one important thing – oh well, fig“, – complained Efremova.

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