Jan 11, 2022
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The daughter of Marina Khlebnikova spoke about the burns of her face


Singer Marina Khlebnikova got in touch with the people.

After a terrible fire, Marina Khlebnikova continues to be in the hospital. Today the singer got in touch from the hospital and told when she plans to return home.

Hello to all! I congratulate everyone on the holidays. I want there to be no fakes, so I speak about my health myself. I want to recover faster. I’m fine, my friends are amazing, my daughter is the best, my parents are alive. Everything will be fine! I will try my best to come out by February 23rd – this is my parents’ wedding anniversary“, – Marina said optimistically in an interview.

Everyone noted that she had a very lively, energetic voice. Many expected the singer to appear in a video link, but this did not happen.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

But the daughter of the singer Dominica noted that every day she communicates with her mother via video and told how she looks.

We communicate with mom via video link, they still do not let her see her. She feels much better. Neither mom nor the doctor tell me anything, but I hope that in a month everything will be fine, I think in two or three weeks she will be finally discharged, She has burns, yes, but not 80%, not 50%, not 30 % … There are few burns … My mother had operations, but I have no opportunity to talk to a doctor … I saw her face, there are no burns on it“, – said the daughter of the singer in the program” Andrei Malakhov. Live ”on the channel“ Russia 1 ”.

Fans of Marina Khlebnikova are worried about the health of the artist, injured in a fire in her metropolitan apartment. Doctors assure that there is no longer any danger to the performer’s life, but for her complete rehabilitation and the return of her previous appearance, long-term treatment and a series of expensive plastic surgeries will be required.

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