Apr 7, 2021
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The daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya wants to get married, the psychologist is sure


The psychologist spoke about the problems of the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya and her daughter Tatyana Plaksina.

Recently, the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya, 32-year-old Tatyana Plaksina, returned to Russia and established relations with her mother. The singer assures that she and the heiress again live in perfect harmony, but, as it turned out, for this they had to put a lot of effort and work with a psychologist for a long time.

The specialist who helped the artist return Tatyana spoke about why the conflict arose in the singer’s family, as well as about the plans of Ouspenskaya’s daughter for the future and a possible wedding. Inna Tliashinova claims that the problems of the pop star with the heiress stem from her past.

If we consider the problem of Lyubov Zalmanovna, she has a difficult situation. In fact, she was deprived of such close contact with her mother (she died in childbirth, and Ouspenskaya was raised by her grandmother, whom she had long considered a mother) due to historical events. And so it happens that if we do not feel the love of our parents, we seek this love from the outside and receive pain. It’s true“, – said the psychologist.

Lyubov Uspenskaya
Lyubov Uspenskaya with her daughter

The specialist managed to smooth out the rough edges between the singer and Tatiana, but they are still developing a strategy for relationships in a star family. Also, the psychologist sees the need to directly help Plaksina get settled in life and, if necessary, contribute to her marriage.

If she wants to get married, I can easily help her in this. That is, if she says that she wants to get married, this is two or three parses, and she will be married.“- said the psychologist.

Tliashinova made it clear that while Tatiana does not have a lover, because the girl is focused on her health. In addition, the psychologist hinted that the singer’s heiress may have problems with conceiving a child.

I myself was diagnosed with infertility. And, of course, when you see a young girl like Tanya, who needs to get married, have children, you want to help. So far, we only have plans to do an analysis with Tanya. Men of the Russian Federation, hold on: Tanya and I are coming to you!“- quotes the expert WomanHit.

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