Aug 13, 2022
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The daughter of Grigory Leps, having received a diploma from MGIMO, boasted a figure in a bikini


The middle daughter of singer Grigory Leps, Eva is now resting in Italy, from where she shares beach shots.

Grigory Leps did not have time to marry his eldest daughter from his first marriage, Inga, who is preparing to soon make him a grandfather, as the second daughter is on the way.

20-year-old Eva Leps boasted a photo of her vacation in the Italian resort town of Forte dei Marmi. On it, the beauty appeared in a bright swimsuit, showing all her virtues to the camera and arousing admiration in the comments.

Eva Leps
Eva Leps

Perfection”, “Doll”, — write the followers about the forms of Eve. At the same time, the girl emphasizes that harmony is given to her genetically, she does not sit on any diets.

Eva followed in the footsteps of her parent, she also makes music, creating the COSMOS girls group, which can be considered promising, since it is produced by Grigory Leps himself.

At the same time, Leps’ heiress from his second and also already ex-wife Anna Shaplykova constantly emphasizes that she does not want to use her father’s fame and intends to make her way in life on her own, solely due to her talent.

We must pay tribute, Eva did not leave her education and managed to get a diploma in international journalism this year, graduating from MGIMO. She studied at a paid department, but claims that she chose this option deliberately so as not to take away budget places from those who cannot afford to pay from 559 thousand rubles to 634 thousand rubles per year of study.

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