Aug 18, 2022
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The daughter of Galkin and Pugacheva sang a song of her own composition


Showman Maxim Galkin has published a fresh video with 8-year-old daughter Lisa.

Maxim Galin, Alla Pugacheva and their children Lisa and Harry have been abroad for six months. At the end of February, the star family left for Israel, and a month ago they moved to Jurmala. The artist now does not often share videos with children and talks about their lives.

The day before, on a personal blog, he showed how his daughter Lisa performs a song of her own composition. In the video, a child swings on a swing in the yard. “I take off like a bird, and you are such a strong man, you swing me on a swing, thank you very much” Lisa sang.

Recall that Galkin calls his departure from Russia a necessary measure. As the humorist admitted, his concerts in his homeland were massively canceled. Earlier, Maxim was supported by his colleague Yulia Menshova in this matter.

It’s rather unpleasant, I myself go with private performances … And when, say, ten planned concerts were canceled, he first left for Israel, saying that he had a vacation there, and then the screws began to tighten …‘ Yulia said. At the same time, the presenter noted that this is Galkin’s free choice – in which country to live.

Note that abroad Maxim receives generous fees. Earlier it became known that for one concert in Europe, about six million rubles fall on the artist’s account. We add that Galkin has acquaintances abroad, so he has not yet had problems with organizing performances.

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