Oct 11, 2021
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The daughter of Andrei Arshavin spoke about her relationship with dad


The daughter of footballer Andrei Arshavin in an interview told about her dad.

The athlete’s 13-year-old daughter gave a short interview timed to coincide with her participation in the NEW DANCES show on TNT. The girl talked about her creative hobbies and relationships with her parents. Yana admitted that she is very close to both her dad and mom.

Mom loves to ask how you are doing, how in training, what they were doing. She is always interested in this. Dad is also supportive. Says: “Good luck, you will break everyone.” I love him very much. And when he is in Moscow, I always use the moment to meet with the whole family: Artem, Arseny, me and him“, – said Yana.

Julia Baranovskaya with children
Julia Baranovskaya with children

Andrey’s relationship with the heirs was complicated for a long time. In 2013, he broke up with Yulia Baranovskaya. For some time he tried to keep in touch with his daughter and sons, but then he plunged headlong into a new romance. As a result, the footballer did not see the guys for many years. He also significantly owed alimony.

The situation improved in 2019 – then Arshavin met with the children for the first time in a long time. After that, they periodically began to see each other and established communication. But Baranovskaya has almost no contact with her former lover. Moreover, he continues to sue him for alimony.

The TV presenter has repeatedly admitted that she does not interfere with the communication of the heirs with the pope. In her opinion, children should have a father. However, all the worries about raising sons and daughters still lie with Julia.

Baranovskaya is trying to make the children’s childhood ideal. So, Yana, Artem and Arseny travel a lot with their mother, attend elite educational institutions and several sections. Despite her busy work schedule, Julia always finds time to communicate with her sons and daughter, continuing to dream of a fourth child.

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