Apr 26, 2022
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The daughter-in-law was angry when she found out that the mother-in-law borrowed her wedding dress

mother-in-law borrowed wedding dressThe heroine of this story got married a few years ago, but had to limit herself to a rather modest wedding due to the bride’s pregnancy.

mother-in-law borrowed wedding dress

The woman recalls that she bought a $300 beaded dress – not too much like a wedding dress, but beautiful and suitable for pregnant women. Who knew that now this dress would become a stumbling block and cause a scandal. It’s all about the mother-in-law of our heroine, who recently realized with joyful surprise that she was pregnant. The lady considers this a real miracle and completely immersed herself in preparation for the birth of a late child. Once the mother-in-law decided to have a party in honor of the future baby and turned to our heroine with a request – would she lend her some beautiful maternity dress from her wardrobe? The daughter-in-law agreed, but she could not even think that the choice of her husband’s mother would fall on the very beaded dress in which she got married. After the party, the daughter-in-law threw a grand scandal to her mother-in-law, not stinting on strong expressions. The husband’s mother, who chose a dress while the heroine was at work, could take any outfit, but not a wedding one. The woman admits that she is still angry, although most family members are sure that she overreacts.

mother-in-law borrowed wedding dress

Although social media users agree that the mother-in-law should not have borrowed someone else’s wedding dress, at the same time they are sure that the heroine needs to learn to restrain her emotions. No matter how important the dress is, it is not worth the scandal, abuse and long (or even forever) ruined relationships.

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