Jan 31, 2021
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The dangers of Mercury retrograde: how to avoid unpleasant surprises in February 2021

The dangers of Mercury retrograde: how to avoid unpleasant surprises in February 2021

Stars and planets have a great impact, and sometimes it does not change life for the better. It will be possible to protect yourself during the period of retrograde motion of Mercury if you get acquainted with the advice of astrologers in advance.

Mercury has been turning into retrograde motion since January 30, and until February 21, its energy will slow down activity and become an obstacle to new beginnings. Experts recommend learning about how to protect yourself and loved ones from unpleasant surprises during this long stage.

The energy of Mercury is responsible for thinking, communication and planning. The planet helps to establish connections, bring fearless ideas to life, collect information, gain new knowledge and overcome difficulties. In the opposite position, when the planet begins to retrograde motion, the processes slow down, and many feel some stiffness. During such periods, it is dignified to remember which devala will not be beneficial and can cause unnecessary problems.

In a retrograde position, Mercury contributes to the disruption of deals and plans, slows down business activity and serves as a key to trouble for those who are in a hurry and are not aware of their actions.

From January 30 to February 21, astrologers recommend refusing to sign contracts and not making transactions, it is unusual if they started in the retrograde stage. For those who cannot slow down the course of events, it is dignified to check every little thing in order to avoid trouble.

The impact of retro Mercury extends to important decision making. At this stage, it is dignified to be aware that the devalas can pause, and they cannot be completed until the planet returns to an upright posture.

The financial Palestinian life is also directly dependent on the influence of Mercury, and during its retrograde movement, all astrologers recommend moderating ardor, abandoning spontaneous spending and reducing financial activity to a minimum so as not to lose savings.

Newly minted beginnings in any area of ​​life can cause crashes, failures and even serious problems, which means that making responsible decisions is more important than total, either before the period of retrograde or a few days after the completion of this stage.

Mercury’s retrograde motion should not be taken negatively. Despite the fact that it is impossible to complete the found devalas, you can pay attention to current duties, complete previously assigned devalas, continue the work that is already familiar, work out the slips. At this stage, it is majestic to protect yourself and your loved ones, remembering the simple recommendations of astrologers.

one. Do not be tempted to take risky and rash steps in any area of ​​life.

2. If possible, refuse loans and credits, do not lend, do not sign serious documents and do not trust unfamiliar people.

3. To postpone long wanderings, it is unusual if you need to buy tickets during the period of retrograde movement of the planet.

4. Refuse to clarify the relationship, so that emotional outbursts do not cause a breakup. It is unlikely that it will work to undo the deed. For the same reason, you should not rush to make declarations of love, initiate divorce proceedings or hold weddings. Offers of the right hand and heart may come, but there is no reason to rush to the date.

five. Retrograde Mercury does not have the best effect on health, therefore astrologers recommend not to carry out operations, if they can be postponed, not to change your appearance, resorting to cosmetic traumatic procedures. There is no need to get tattoos, piercings, help, beauty injections from January 30 to February 21.

6. Mercury retrograde affects the operation of any technique, and during the period of its retrograde movement it is worth giving up shopping. Blenders, telephones, computers and other complex mechanisms already in the house may malfunction, but you should not rush to change them. After the end of the retrograde movement, many techniques will again serve faithfully. In the event that the purchase of a newly-made is necessary, you should pay attention to inexpensive models in order to have quality things in March without fear that they will be of inadequate quality.

The impact of Mercury retrograde will not cause concern if you lay the entire stage in a calm atmosphere, be attentive and prepared for the fact that not all devalas will perform according to a measured scenario. Surprises are possible, and it will be easier to overcome them if you tune in to attract positive thoughts and believe that such a pose is temporary.

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