Sep 13, 2020
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The dancer did not just slide down the water slide, but also surprised everyone with a break dance.

break dance on the water slideIt is worth warning that the trick of this resident of Feldkirch (Austria) is not worth trying to repeat, especially if you are not physically fit.

break dance on the water slide

The fact is that 27-year-old Kevin Holzinger is a professional dancer who does not forget about his favorite pastime, even while relaxing in the water park.

break dance on the water slide

The man decided to challenge himself and combine the descent from the water slide with the elements of break-dance, which, of course, amazed and delighted those around him. Later, the stuntman admitted that the strange performance, performed for the first time in his life, was very difficult for him, because the slide is still not quite suitable for such difficult dances.

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