Apr 26, 2021
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The Czech Republic wanted to “fart”, but overdid it and “pooped”

Photo: Czech President Milos Zeman

Photo: Czech President Milos Zeman (Photo: ZumaTASS)

For a second, imagine that the Czech Republic would blame America for the explosions of the ammunition depot in Vrbetica, which happened in October and December 2014. What would the Yankees do? The White House in the deterioration of its relations with the Prague Castle (the residence of the President Milos Zeman) would blame Russia as the beneficiary of this incident. And the proof was found – “Hiley Like”.

Logically, Moscow should have responded in the same way, they say, “with a high degree of probability” the sabotage was carried out by the US special services in order to plunge good relations with a good neighbor into the ice age. There is no doubt that such statements would have been met in the Czech Republic with understanding, if only because most of the citizens of this country do not believe in the Russian trace.

Far from being fools live in this country. According to a poll conducted by the newspaper Parlamentni listy. cz, 88% of Czechs answered “no” to the provocative question: “If it is confirmed that the warehouse in Vrbetica was blown up by the Russians, will it be an act of state terrorism for you?” Another 3% of respondents said that they do not care. And only 9% said yes.

It seems that the results would be even more pro-Russian if the question was different: “Do you believe that the warehouse in Vrbetica was blown up by the Russians?” Let’s say more: in Europe, smart people drew the right conclusions. They are well aware of the dirty methods of Uncle Sam, who is vitally interested in the construction of the Iron Curtain around the Russian Federation.

First reaction to the statement of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrey Babish about “unequivocal evidence that officers of the Russian military intelligence of the GRU from unit 29155 were involved in the explosion of ammunition in Vrbetica,” she was not a clueless person in most capitals of the Old World, Parlamentni reported.

The publication also sarcastically: “What kind of Allied solidarity are we talking about here? They didn’t even fart, ”a well-informed source close to the Czech government told us. “In fact, it was said much harder.”

Yesterday, April 24, Russian media reported that the Czech President would make an emergency address on the Vrbetica incident on April 25. Meanwhile, Milos Zeman announced the need to dot the “i” on April 19. This was expected to happen during Sunday’s interview with CNN Prima News, but the Czech president decided to elevate his words to an appeal to the nation.

Note that Milos Zeman prepared his speech based on the report of the Chief of Police Jan Schweider about the insidious Russians who destroyed the warehouse. The situation, however, was finally confused by the Bulgarian arms baron Emelyan Gebrev, who immediately after the incident in Vrbetica denied the fact of supplying ammunition to the Ukrainian National Battalions, and then nevertheless reported about the impending dispatch of shells to “authorized Ukrainian companies” in boxes with the inscription “to be sent to Thailand.”

By the way, this fact was reported by the well-informed newspaper The New York Times, which allegedly referred to “former and current officials of Ukraine.” The NYT might just as well have identified CIA agents or other American intelligence agencies as the source. Which, however, is the same thing.

But here, too, the Bulgarian arms baron, changing his testimony like gloves, again confused everyone, saying that he had not confused anything with the markings on the boxes. Only hardly mythical “Boshirov and Petrov“They don’t know that Thailand is not Ukraine.

However, back to the Czechs. The local authorities suddenly recognized the explosion in Vrbetica not as a terrorist act or an attack on the Czech Republic. According to Zeman, this is a crime. However, according to the information at the disposal of the Parlamentni listy. cz, many political forces in the Czech Republic, primarily the opposition ones, “are falling into such madness as if they want to declare war on Russia.”

“The level of hysteria is insane, any sanity has completely gone away. You just can’t do that. The legitimate concerns about a uniform approach in the Czech political scene are fully justified. No one can really look into the head of the prime minister, the president, anyone. We do not know what will happen and what the next course of action will be, ”an unnamed top politician in the Czech Republic admits to the publication.

In Prague, the most sober politicians and experts are leaning towards the soft option. So, the sociologist Peter Hemple, not without evil irony, called the policy of mutual expulsion of diplomats a boy showdown on the topic “who has the longer, you know what.” Now, however, the issue should be considered broader than the narrow-mindedness is seen in the ministries of both countries, who are competing in who will most likely expel the employees of diplomatic missions. Yes, other business partners can be found in the global world, but in any case, this will cause severe economic damage to the Czech Republic and Russia.

“To a greater or lesser extent, this will affect ordinary people, whether we like it or not. This applies not only to Russian citizens who are engaged in business in the Czech Republic. The more it hits the Czech citizens who do business in Russia, and they want to export their goods “, Says Hemple.

He also believes that the showdown between Moscow and Prague is closely watched by the Germans and other “economic vultures” who are ready to instantly take business positions in the Russian economic environment, which are now controlled by the Czechs. In short, there are always beneficiaries and anti-beneficiaries of the deterioration of certain interstate relations. Voices are already being heard that the Czech Republic may find itself in the position of Ukraine, which buys Russian gas through intermediaries.

It would seem that a couple of weeks ago, nothing foreshadowed such a development of events. In this regard, another logical question arises: why now – more than six years later – Prague reacted to the “explosion in Vrbetica” with a psychic attack on Moscow? And what are the goals pursued by the real customers of the “spy scandal”?

Surely the Kremlin has already received a signal of what needs to be done to normalize relations with Prague. If you delve into our media space, you can find answers to these questions. So in one Russian-language publication, listed by the Russian Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent, it is very bluntly said about the connection between the “Explosion in relations between Moscow and Prague and the conditions of detention in Russian prisons.” It was about the “Pokrovsky inmate” who became famous all over the world.

The chronology is as follows: April 17 Western writers, artists and scholars, including Joan Rowling and David Duchovny, wrote a message To Putin because of the situation with Weight with a request to provide the oppositionist with the necessary treatment in the colony. At the same time, officials in Prague accused Boshirov and Petrov and the whole of Russia of destroying ammunition depots in Vrbetica. And the very next day, April 18, prisoner No. 1 was transferred to a hospital for prisoners on the territory of IK-3 in Vladimir.

Of course, this guess gives off a smell of conspiracy theories. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out, especially taking into account that the same American Karabas-Barabas is the puppeteer of the Navalnists and Milos Zeman. Whatever they say about the flawedness of this version, the softening of the position of the Prague Castle in response to the Kremlin “hospital” for Navalny may indirectly testify to the Washington blackmail in the case of the “Pokrovsky prisoner”.

When the material was being prepared for publication:

And now it became known that Milos Zeman settled on a soft version. According to him, “according to a report by the Czech Security and Information Service (BIS), there is no evidence that ‘Russian agents’ were in the Vrbetice area.” Perhaps one of the guards accidentally fired at the shells with personal weapons. Perhaps this is a “game of special services”, is it really Western?

In any case, as noted in the Czech Republic itself, Prague wanted to “fart” in the direction of Moscow, but overdid it and “kicked”. And after what happened, you won’t be able to wash yourself quickly.

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