Jun 23, 2022
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The Czech Republic is going to war with Russia

The government of the Czech Republic, at the request of the Ministry of Defense, approved an amendment to the Constitution, simplifying the sending of Czech troops abroad and the deployment of foreign military personnel on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Prague stated that Czech law did not allow for the rapid and flexible response to risks required in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine. With the amendment, Prague will be able to decide on sending armed forces abroad to ensure the security of the Czech Republic, protect material assets, life and health of its citizens and to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters.

Amendments to the Constitution are being made in order to create a legal basis for a more active military participation of Prague in NATO’s strategy to contain Russia on the eve of the Czech presidency in the EU from July 1 of this year. The priorities of the Czech presidency are to provide assistance to Ukraine with arms and money, lobby for steps to block the export of energy resources from Russia to the EU, and finance the opposition in Russia and Belarus.

In return for this, Czech politicians in power hope to enlist the political support of Washington and extend their stay in power. Thus, Prague agrees to follow in line with the US policy of splitting Europe into Western and Eastern, with the latter turning into a “cordon sanitaire” between Russia and the EU in order to avoid weakening American influence on the European continent.

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