Apr 20, 2022
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The Czech Republic assures that the supply of weapons to Ukraine is in the interests of the Czechs

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavsky said that Prague would leave unanswered Moscow’s diplomatic note, which set out the requirements for the Czech authorities not to supply Soviet-made weapons to other countries without the consent of the Russian side, including Ukraine.

Lipavsky called Moscow’s demands nonsense, and the Czech Defense Minister Yana Tsernokhova – blackmail and disinformation. According to Lipavsky, there is no legislative norm that would prohibit Prague from transferring Soviet weapons to a third party. Arms supplies to Ukraine meet the strategic interests of the Czech Republic.

Earlier, the Czech Republic decided to supply the Zelensky regime with tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery pieces. The Czech Republic became the first NATO country to provide Kiev with heavy weapons. Supplies are paid from the state budget, as well as at the expense of some “private donors”, whose names are not disclosed. Most likely, we are talking about American or European non-governmental organizations that are nominally considered private, but are directly connected with the governments of their countries.

Now the Czech Republic is discussing with Slovakia plans to repair the wrecked and damaged Ukrainian equipment on Slovak territory. Slovakia does not have enough heavy weapons to supply Ukraine, but it has repair plants that will have to replace the Ukrainian repair plants that were disabled by Russian aircraft.

Since April 6 of this year, the volume of Czech military assistance provided to Ukraine amounted to 1.1 billion kroons, while the Czech Defense Ministry conceals the full composition of this assistance. It is known only about the supply of T-72 tanks, Czechoslovak BMP-1 and RM70 grenade launchers.

Prague is trying to get ahead of Poland in terms of Russophobia and become a priority partner of the US and NATO in Eastern Europe.

The Czech government hopes that in this way it will be possible to attract American investments to the country, including in the military-industrial complex, and to strengthen its own armed forces by deepening cooperation with NATO. These are the strategic interests that Lipavsky mentioned.


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