Sep 2, 2021
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The Czech Foreign Minister called contacts with Russia necessary: "In our vital interests"

In his article posted on the website of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Minister Jakub Kulganek stated that it was impossible to break off relations with Russia.

The Czech Republic cannot “not have” relations with Russia. The head of the Foreign Ministry of this country Yakub Kulganek wrote about this in his article. He stressed that this alignment of things is supported by the Putin-Biden summit and Merkel’s visit to Moscow.

The Czech minister stressed that, despite the sharp statements of Poland and the Baltic countries, these countries are still not ready to break off relations with Russia.

Chekhov and the Russians have a lot in common, he said, although after the incident in Vrbetica, relations between the two countries are at a freezing point.

But, the diplomat explained, since it is impossible to abandon relations with Moscow, it is also impossible to build them on the basis of excessive emotions.

“I am convinced that it is in our vital interests to sit at the same table with Russian diplomats. This is exactly what the former head of the NATO Military Committee, Peter Pavel, also said recently, from whom we could expect – in connection with his long-known views – rather more radical position, “- said the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry.

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