May 11, 2022
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The customer who spent $295 on a dress now can’t leave the house in it.

you can't leave the house in a dressValerie Nicole made sure that online shopping is like a lottery – you never know if you will be lucky or not.

you can't leave the house in a dress

Preparing for the gala event, a resident of Austin (Texas, USA) was looking for the perfect dress and in one online store she fell in love with a short dress with puffy sleeves in delicate blue and pink tones. The customer liked the outfit so much that she was not even embarrassed by the price of $ 295.

you can't leave the house in a dress

It was only when the new thing was delivered that Valerie realized that she would not be able to leave the house in it. The dress did not sit at all like on the model, plus it turned out to be so short that one extra movement or a slight breath of the breeze was enough for the fashionista to show everyone her underwear. The woman was able to see the comicality of such an unsuccessful purchase and laughed at the dress, although many social media users condemned the sense of taste of our heroine. The dress (even in the version in which it is presented in the store) was considered completely inappropriate for any celebration.

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