Aug 1, 2022
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The customer saw a snake in a bag of popcorn

snake in a bag of popcornA resident of Lunenburg (Virginia, USA) went shopping, but shopping took an unexpected turn.

snake in a bag of popcorn

Kimberly Slaughter put a bag of popcorn in the cart when she noticed that the shell was full of holes. Going to return the low-quality goods to the shelf, the customer was quite frightened, because a snake poked out of the hole, which then returned back to the bag. The woman added that the reptile looked like it wanted to say hello to her. However, jokes are jokes, but Kimberly is scared to imagine what could happen if she, through an oversight, brought home a snake along with popcorn, because the lady has small children. What if an uninvited guest would bite the kids? And this is despite the fact that the snake, most likely, was a gray snake. Such reptiles are harmless to humans and feed on rodents. By the way, in the store, Kimberly noticed both mouse droppings and traps intended for rodents. If a lot of mice live in the room, then the snake has excellent hunting grounds there.

snake in a bag of popcorn

Brian Stanley, the store manager, said the staff had no idea where the snake came from. There will be an investigation into this.

The monk was afraid of a snake that got too close to him


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