Jan 11, 2022
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The customer made sure that in a new dress she would show everyone her underwear

the dress does not hide the underwearThe new ASOS dress, bought by a woman named Alix, made her laugh heartily, although the fashionista is unlikely to dare to flaunt it.

the dress does not hide the underwear

The thing is that the wrap-around hem does not look at all as shown on the website. It turned out that a customer who spent $ 150 would demonstrate her underwear to everyone around her.

the dress does not hide the underwear

By the way, Alix not only had fun with her indecent appearance, but also noted that she had learned an important lesson – before buying anything in the online store, it is worth reading the reviews. As it turned out, all the ladies who managed to buy a spectacular dress returned it for the same piquant reason as our heroine.


I feel like @Remi Jo is making realistic ASOS choices #MyPlayoffPicks #haul #asos #winteroutfit #nyeoutfit # fyi # kwanzaa #areyounewhere #christmas #newyear

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