Sep 13, 2020
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The customer laughed heartily at the obscene eggplant

eggplant with a funny shootBecca Wright only recently found out about such a service as "Oddbox", but he immediately fell in love with a resident of London (England).

eggplant with a funny shoot

In essence, "Oddbox" is the delivery of fruits and vegetables grown on farms to customers, and therefore they may look a little different than products in stores, which, albeit prettier, but less useful. The last order, made by Becca, amused her a lot - one of the eggplants turned out to be decorated with a sprout that innocent people can take by the nose, while others will have other, much more scandalous thoughts.

eggplant with a funny shoot

The photo, taken by a vegetable lover, amused Internet users, and the customer added that in recent days, indecent eggplant has brought her so many positive emotions that it is now simply a pity to eat it.

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