Oct 20, 2021
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The crying bride claims she is not at all unhappy

the bride is crying at the weddingLike many other women, a US resident named Megan proudly shared her wedding photos and videos on social networks.

the bride is crying at the wedding

But in the case of our heroine, the audience not only admired the images from the holiday, but also expressed some concerns about whether this was a forced marriage.

the bride is crying at the wedding

It’s all about the emotional bride, who cried so much during the ceremony that some well-wishers sympathized with her, deciding that the young woman was unhappy and did not want to get married at all.

the bride is crying at the wedding

Megan did not even expect how many unexpected defenders she would find on the Internet. She hastened to assure everyone that she loves her husband and is very happy. As for tears, this is all from excessive emotionality, and the emotions experienced by the bride were actually the most sincere, beautiful and iridescent.


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The bride demanded a too expensive gift from her sister

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