Dec 30, 2020
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The “crab salad index” has grown in Russia

Russian analysts have found out how much will have to be spent on the purchase of ingredients for the preparation of four servings of crab salad.

The food set included crab sticks, eggs, cucumbers, a can of canned corn, mayonnaise and salt.

According to the study, in December 2020, the “crab salad index” in Russia on average reached 231.92 rubles, which is 14% less than in the same period last year.

Analysts clarified that the average cost of crab sticks is 99 rubles, eggs – 27.62 rubles, cucumbers – 34.25 rubles, canned corn – 61 rubles, mayonnaise – 10.2 rubles, salt (10 g) – 27 kopecks.

Product prices were determined based on an analysis of over 23 billion cash register receipts, transfers RT.

Earlier wrote that the cost of a set of products for Olivier salad for the New Year’s table increased over the past year by 6.14%, and for herring under a fur coat – by 7.4%. As in the previous year, residents of the Belgorod region have the cheapest opportunity to cook Olivier, and Mordovia has a herring under a fur coat. The most expensive salads for the New Year’s table will be obtained in Chukotka.

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