Sep 14, 2020
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The court ordered the young woman to take care of her little brother

duty to take care of brotherChinese social media users are actively discussing a strange story that happened to a young woman named Le Le.

duty to take care of brother

The heroine's parents are very poor, but this did not stop them from deciding not so long ago to have a second child. Now, when 22-year-old Le Le's little brother is 2 years old, mom and dad realized that they were not able to raise their son, because they did not have enough money to support him. The solution was found quickly - a college student should take care of her brother.

duty to take care of brother

When Le Le refused such a duty, the parents filed a lawsuit, and, oddly enough, the judge really ordered the older sister to take care of the younger relative. Now the young woman has become a rather talked about person on the Internet, and the overwhelming majority of users sympathize with her, being sure that the court decision cannot be called fair.

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