Dec 29, 2020
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The court officially divorced Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov after six years of marriage

17:11, 28.12.

The hearing took place in the Magistrates’ Court of the Pechatniki District.

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The marriage of Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov has been officially terminated. The hearing of the case took place in the magistrate court of the Pechatniki district. The details of the process are still unknown, as both the former spouses and their representatives refrain from commenting. Who was the common daughter of Polina and Dmitry left to live with? Mia, and also whether there was a division of property – is also an open question.

There were rumors that Polina Gagarina wanted to keep all the wealth for herself during the divorce. The journalists calculated that over the years of the union with the photographer, the artist acquired several real estate objects and a car, the total value of which exceeds 200 million rubles. Including an elite apartment in the center of Moscow worth 170 million rubles. Iskhakov also owns real estate on Leningradsky Prospekt for 30 million rubles, and a foreign car worth three million rubles has been registered in his name.

In early December, in the show “Evening Urgant” Polina Gagarina first commented on the divorce and said that she did not want to share property with her husband. “Officially from the source: yes, indeed, we are getting a divorce. Everything else that the press writes is not true. There is no quarrel, no division of property, no division of children. I hope that everything will go quietly, peacefully, calmly and intelligently. We have the best children in the world, whom we both adore and this is the most important thing. We are now focused on their upbringing ”, – said the singer.

The court officially divorced Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov after six years of marriage

Recall that rumors about problems in the family of Gagarina and Iskhakov appeared in early 2020. In mid-May, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Polina and Dmitry had not lived together since January. Then there were rumors that the singer fired her husband from her company. At first, the couple refrained from commenting, but at the end of June, the photographer confirmed that the couple had broken up with the artist.

The love story of Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov began very romantic. They met on one of the shootings, where Polina was a model, and Dmitry was a photographer. Their romance developed rapidly, and in 2013 Iskhakov made a marriage proposal to the chosen one, to which she agreed. It happened on the Pont des Arts in Paris, which is better known as the Pont des Lovers.

In September 2014, Polina and Dmitry signed in Moscow. Immediately after, the newlyweds went to the Seychelles, where they played a wedding. On April 26, 2017, the singer gave birth to her husband a daughter, who was named Mia… The spouses carefully hide the girl’s appearance. It is worth noting that Gagarina did not reveal her pregnancy until recently. Also, the couple were together raising the singer’s son from his first marriage with Peter Kislov. Andrew… Dmitry Iskhakov quickly found a common language with the boy and published photos with him on social networks even more often than with Polina Gagarina, reminds MK.

Polina Gagarina with her son Andrey and ex-husband Dmitry Iskhakov

According to rumors, the discord in the stellar family occurred due to the fact that the performer earns many times more than her husband. A year ago, in an interview with Irina Shikhman for her YouTube show “And Talk?” the singer, by the way, talked a little about the relationship with Dmitry Iskhakov, touching upon, in particular, the financial component. The singer did not hide the fact that she is the main earner in the family. “He lives with it. He knew from the very beginning that I was a singer, ”said Polina, noting that the income of artists is always much higher than the income of photographers, although the latter also earn quite good money.

Polina Gagarina with children

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