Apr 2, 2021
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The court acquitted the son of Bari Alibasov in the case of the beating of the ex-director of the Na-Na group

21:40, 02.04.2021

The fight took place on the air of the show “Let Them Talk” in July 2020.

At the end of January it became known that the ex-producer of the group “Na-Na” Andrey Nazarov filed a lawsuit against Bari Alibasov Jr. Nazarov decided to write a statement on the initiation of a criminal case after he received a head injury as a result of a scuffle in July 2020 on the show “Let them talk.” Then the guests of the program accused the son of the 74-year-old artist of being guilty of his father’s health problems. Nazarov demanded three million rubles from the offender for deliberate infliction of minor harm to health.

Today it became known that the court acquitted Bari Barievich. The son of a famous producer left the 352nd court district of the Airport district in high spirits. Alibasov Jr. jumped for joy shouting: “Victory, three-ruble note saved,” meaning the three million rubles that the former director of the Na-Na group demanded through the court.

Bari Alibasov Jr. and Andrey Nazarin in the studio “Let them talk”

It is worth noting that Andrei Nazarin did not spend money on the services of lawyers and himself acted as a prosecutor in court. Alibasov Jr. admitted that he was initially in a positive mood, since the fight was filmed on camera, and the evidence of the prosecution did not coincide with the real facts. “The prosecution stated that I strangled Nazarov and beat him with my fists. They told me for a long time and humiliatingly how he now does not feel like a man, that he now has increased tearfulness, how his relatives despise him for not being able to answer me like a man, “Bari Karimovich’s son told MK.

The man also said that the litigation lasted 15 sessions, because of this, he suffered losses of four million rubles, not counting the cost of the services of lawyers. According to Alibasov Jr., he does not plan to file a retaliatory claim against his opponent, since he knows that Nazarin does not have that kind of money. However, the producer’s son is worried that there will be ill-wishers who in this way want to promote their family.

Recall that the media have been reporting for a long time about the health problems of 74-year-old Bari Alibasov. The reason for the deteriorating health of the producer was the divorce from Lydia Fedoseevna-Shukshina. On December 24, the Presnensky Court of Moscow officially terminated the marriage of the artists, but later the actress changed her mind about divorcing her husband and filed an appeal. In early March, Alibasov’s son published a video on his Instagram microblog in which Bari Kerimovich declares that he still loves Fedoseevna-Shukshina, but at the same time asks her not to interfere with the divorce. In the signature to the publication, Bari Barievich said that some people in the Shukshin family want to take part of his father’s inheritance, namely 25%, which will go to the producer’s wife in the event of his death.

Bari Alibasov and Lidia Fedoseevna-Shukshina

On March 4, it became known that the court sided with the widow of Vasily Shukshin. The marriage was officially recognized as valid. Lidia Nikolaevna’s lawyer noted: her client still does not know where her husband is and what is happening to him. Julia Verbitskaya-Linnik emphasized that the actress considers all statements by Bari Alibasov that she does not interfere with the dissolution of the marriage as manipulation.

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