Jan 1, 2022
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The courier was so happy about the food left on the porch that he even danced

food left on the porchA landlord named Sarah knows full well that the holiday season is a particularly busy time for couriers.

food left on the porch

People now and then order gifts for both family and friends, as well as their loved ones. And it is the employees of the delivery service who are forced to deliver all these packages and boxes to the addresses. So Sarah left some treats on her porch — especially for the couriers.

food left on the porch

The woman was especially amused by a courier named Kyle who came to her. Seeing the free treats, he was so happy that he danced. Kyle later added that his dance was completely sincere. That work shift turned out to be very tiring for him, and the goodies helped him to get through the difficult working hours.

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