Mar 31, 2021
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The countries with the largest monetary debt to Russia are named

The World Bank provided data on the debt of developing countries to Russia and other states at the end of 2019, statistics are published on the organization’s website.

Thus, the debt of states to Russia for the specified period amounted to almost $ 22.9 billion in bilateral loans, with the Republic of Belarus named as the largest debtor, whose debt amounted to $ 8.1 billion.

This is followed by Bangladesh, Venezuela, India, Vietnam and Yemen and African countries, in particular Somalia, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Earlier, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation reported that Russia’s public debt in 2020 increased by 5.4 trillion rubles and amounted to 18.986 trillion rubles, while the head of the department Alexei Kudrin said that other countries envy the level of Russian public debt, as its growth in the next three years up to 21% of GDP is not critical for the Russian economy.

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