Dec 29, 2020
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The cost of the salad “Olivier” increased by 6.14% in 2020 – Rosstat

According to Rosstat, the cost of ingredients for Olivier salad increased by 6.14% in 2020, and for “herring under a fur coat” – by 7.4%, TASS reports.

It is noted that the preparation of “Olivier” in the current year will be 386.6 rubles. for 2.3 kg. You can buy the necessary ingredients for the “herring under a fur coat” for 169.27 rubles. for 1.7 kg. Boiled sausage and herring have increased in price this year by 1.69% and 1.55%, respectively.

It is clarified that the increase in the cost of salads was mainly due to the increase in prices for vegetables and chicken eggs.

The largest increase in the value of Olivier took place in the Bryansk region and amounted to 13.35%. “Herring under a fur coat” rose the most in Altai – by 16.1%.

Earlier it became known that for the convicts in Russian colonies for the New Year will prepare festive dishes, including “Olivier” and “herring under a fur coat.”

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