Sep 12, 2021
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The cost of liquefied gas on the exchange continues to decline

LPG fell in price during the trading session of the St. Petersburg site.

The price tag for liquefied petroleum gases, which are used as gas engine and household feedstock, decreased by 6.3%, reaching 43.96 thousand rubles per ton. This is evidenced by the territorial index of the European part of the country.

According to the information from the St. Petersburg International Commodity Platform, fuel showed weakening for two days in a row. At the same time, since the beginning of autumn, the energy carrier has decreased in price by 11%. Writes about this TASS.

The cost of gasoline fuel was also declining. During the trading day, Ai-92 fell in price by 0.7%, to a value of 54.84 thousand rubles per ton. Gasoline AI-95 decreased by 0.4%, to 58.4 thousand rubles per ton, and a ton of raw materials for jet engines decreased by 0.7% and reached 48.97 thousand rubles.

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