Apr 28, 2021
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The Constitutional Court of Moldova canceled the state of emergency – the parliament will be dissolved

“All responsibility for the consequences will fall on the shoulders of President Maia Sandu personally.”

The Constitutional Court of Moldova on Wednesday, April 28, ruled that the decision of the parliament to introduce a state of emergency in the country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic is contrary to the Constitution.

The meeting of the Constitutional Court lasted all day, and all this time, a rally of pro-Western forces – supporters of the Moldovan president was held under the walls of the courthouse Mai Sandu… The protesters stood at the Constitutional Court building for the fourth day – first, in order not to let the head of the Constitutional Court, nominated by the parliament, go to court, then they demanded that the Constitutional Court make the “correct” decision, and after the “correct decision” was made, they began to demand early elections.

Among the protesters are mainly representatives of the pro-presidential PAS party and other pro-Western political forces. Came to the Constitutional Court and the leader of “Our Party” Renato Mustache, leading a column of their like-minded people. According to him, he is looking forward to the announcement of the dissolution of parliament.

According to the law, during the period of the state of emergency, the parliament cannot be dissolved. Parliament introduced a state of emergency until May 31, only a little more than a month remained, but Maia Sandu cannot wait an extra month – she needs an obedient parliament as early as possible, and the fact that the next parliament will consist exclusively of “good people” is not doubts.

The session of the Constitutional Court ended on the evening of April 28, and Maia Sandu immediately signed a decree on the dissolution of parliament, setting the date of early elections for July 11.

“A few minutes ago I signed a decree on the dissolution of the current parliament. This decision paved the way for citizens to choose a new parliament that would serve the interests of the country and the people. The power is now in the hands of the people. I am sure that our citizens will choose the right path to the creation of a developed and democratic state. The government should allocate the money necessary for the preparation and conduct of the elections, ”

– said Sandu after signing the decree at a press briefing.

However, the leader of the Party of Socialists and ex-President of Moldova Igor Dodon continues to insist that now is not the time for the election campaign and the elections themselves – only 3% of the population is vaccinated in the country, the state budget is empty, there is no money to buy vaccines, let alone to hold elections.

“Maia Sandu and her political satellites, at the behest of Western curators, are leaving the country during the pre-election fever in the midst of a pandemic. From today on, all responsibility for the grave consequences for the life and health of our country’s citizens will fall on the shoulders of President Maia Sandu, her team, the Action and Solidarity Party and the judges of the Constitutional Court under her control.

– Igor Dodon commented on the Constitutional Court decision and the presidential decree.

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