May 15, 2020
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The commando took the child’s toy machine for real and launched a large-scale special operation to detain

In Kharkov in May a strange situation occurred with the participation of police special forces Vitaly Lisinsky. Father and son rode in the car and the child was holding a toy machine in his hands. The law enforcer took the toy for military weapons, stopped the car in which the family was traveling, called several crews of patrol policemen at the scene of the incident and demanded that he not be threatened with weapons, although he saw and heard that the machine was not real. On Friday 14 on May they reported the press service of the National Police of Kharkiv Region.

- May) 2020 social networks got a video from the scene of an incident that occurred on Moskovsky Prospekt in Kharkov. A man in civilian clothes who noticed an object similar to a weapon in the passenger compartment of the car called a patrol to check this information. During the establishment of the circumstances of the incident, it turned out that the weapon, outwardly similar to a combat machine, turned out to be a toy, - said in a press release from the regional National Police.


The audit found that the man in civilian clothes who called the patrol , is the current police officer and holds the position of deputy commander of the battalion No. 2 of the special police regiment of the State Police Department in the Kharkiv region.

Now all the circumstances of the incident are established as part of the service of Inquiry appointed by order of the chief of regional police cupola. If the policeman is found guilty, he will be brought to disciplinary action.


- 14 On May 2020, the child was traveling in a car with his dad on Moscow Avenue in the city of Kharkov and was played with a plastic toy automaton with an orange ending. Suddenly, a black Toyota Camry cut off a car, from where today's “police hero” jumped out and started to break into the car, pulling the child’s dad out of the car, - notes telegram channel “Kharkiv 1954 ”.

Patrol officers joined the detention operation and, holding on to their service weapons, searched the car in search of a firearm. The child's father said that in his trunk is an air rifle for which he has permission, and his son’s gun is not real. According to the telegram channel, the scandalous policeman was driving somewhere on his own business, and it suddenly dawned on him that the toy in the hands of a child in the passenger compartment of the car (which was not even displayed through the window) was real weapons.

- Immediately, he pulled up several more police crews who staged this show, forgetting about the requirements of the law, witnesses, court order and everything else, pulled out the driver and searched the car, after which the “hero” said that he didn’t the policeman and, threatening the driver, simply ran away as if nothing had happened, - it is said telegrams channel reported.

In addition, the telegram channel “Kharkov 1954” told the details of other incidents involving special forces Vitaly Lisinsky. The details of these police executions were not disclosed.

Formerly “KP in Ukraine” wrote about the police from the Lviv region, who issued a false disability to receive benefits from the state. With the help of fraud with medical reports, ex-law enforcement officers illegally received social payments for 360 thousand hryvnias, but they have already been put in jail.


Employees of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration were questioned due to the filming of the film “Dau”

Officials are witnesses in cases of possible torture and propaganda of violence.

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