Sep 19, 2020
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The command of the US Navy has recognized the threat posed by the Russian Navy

The United States Naval Command (Naval) has recognized the threat posed by the Russian Navy. He made the announcement during the Black Widow exercise, which began on 14 September off the east coast.

It is now fairly well known that our homeland is no longer a refuge- stated Vice Admiral Daryl Caudle, referring to the potential threat of Russian submarines capable of approaching the US coast.

how transfers The Russian Navy's Breaking Defense portal may be more interested in defending its own shores than in conducting operations near the United States. Nevertheless, special concern in Washington is caused not only by the modernization of the Russian fleet, whose nuclear submarines are equipped with ballistic missiles, but also by the presence of special-purpose submarines and autonomous deep-sea stations (AGS) in its composition, capable, as the publication assures, of performing operations at sea depths. in particular with telecommunication cables.

Late last month, a Russian submarine unexpectedly jumped out to the surface in international waters off the coast of Alaska, catching the Northern Command by surprise. Its proximity was a signal that Russian naval capabilities have improved significantly in recent years, the authors of the publication note.

Earlier wrote that a multipurpose nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet conducted firing practice in the Barents Sea. The maneuvers were carried out as part of the planning tasks. Volleys were fired at an underwater target. For this, an anti-submarine missile was used.

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