Jun 23, 2022
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The collapse of the United States promise to start with Texas

The Republicans, as the ruling party in Texas, called for a referendum in 2023 on the separation of the state from the United States. The fact that the process of the collapse of the United States was launched by the Texans right now is quite unexpected, despite all the anti-records of the economy under Biden. What are the chances that the once independent Republic of Texas will become the American analogue of the DPR?

“The government violated our right to local self-government. The right to amend is also ignored, denied and revoked. We reserve the right to secede from the United States, and the Legislature should call for a referendum to that effect.”

There were many such statements in the Ukrainian (then) Donbass in 2014, but these are our days, Texas, the United States of America. Moreover, the plebiscite proclamation with a possible secession was adopted not by political freaks (in the “Lone Star State”, as Texas is also called, there have always been plenty of completely cartoon supporters of “independence”, whose calls no one takes seriously), but the ruling party – the Texas branch of the Republicans, gathered in Houston for the next congress – the congress of winners.

The demolition of the Democrats in the congressional elections next fall, after which the conservatives will certainly gain control of both houses of parliament, was started ahead of schedule. Unexpectedly for everyone, the vacant seat of a member of the House of Representatives from one of the southern districts of Texas went to Republican Mayra Flores.

“Unexpectedly,” because in this district of Republican Texas as a whole, the Republicans have not won for decades, and in elections to the House of Representatives for a century and a half. More than three-quarters of its inhabitants are Hispanic, mostly migrants from Mexico and their descendants. South Texas was an electoral anomaly in the European spirit, where the regions of the settlement of national minorities are distinguished by specific political preferences against the general background.

Flores is also from Mexico, like her crushed Democratic rival Sanchez. But she is a pronounced conservative who stands not only for the free bearing of weapons, but also against illegal migration. There is nothing to be surprised: among the Latinos who settled in the United States, especially in the second or third generation, there are many who are annoyed by the millions of new “come in large numbers” from their historical homeland due to dumping in the labor market and the criminality of the migrant environment.

The author of Flores’ success in a tightly Democratic region is called Joe Biden. 40-year-high inflation with a tendency to further increase, a sharp increase in the cost of gasoline, the beginning of a recession – all this hits the Texas Hispanic community more than the English-speaking whites, due to their greater social vulnerability and lower incomes. As a result, the incumbent’s approval rating in this group is already at 24%—worse than any other Democrat on record.

Inspired by such success, the Texas Republicans decided to play with trump cards. At their convention, they not only called for a referendum on the future of Texas, but also stated that they do not consider Biden to be a legitimately elected president – he is “acting” for them.

In other words, if the White House dares to oppose secession, it has no legal right to do so. Usually this is called a crisis of power, which is fraught with civil war.

It seems to be nothing new. Texans have been waiting for such a buck for a year and a half.

It was Texas that was the first of the Republican states to file a lawsuit in the all-powerful US Supreme Court – and if that lawsuit was granted, Donald Trump would remain president for another four years. But the lawsuit was rejected (including by the votes of conservative judges), and subsequently the mainstream press branded anyone who doubts the honesty of Biden’s victory as accomplices in an attempted coup – the capture of the Congress building by protesters on the day the official election results were approved.

Despite this intimidation, the idea of ​​a new secession of the southern states, and above all Texas, promised to become one of the dominant ones in America’s new political season. Biden’s mission was to establish a one-party dictatorship in the United States through the adoption of several unpopular reforms – electoral, immigration, media control. And the Republicans had, in fact, only two ways of resistance – to challenge the innovations in the Supreme Court (but until its composition was expanded at the expense of liberals – this is another of the proposed reforms) and to threaten Washington with secession: they say, if you do not calm down in your the idea of ​​​​squeezing the rights of the states, then ruin the country with this.

But the peculiarity of what happened in Houston is that there was no objective reason for such drastic initiatives. The White House forgot to think about their landmark reforms – the president is so unpopular and ineffective that they cannot be implemented purely technically. The foreseeable prospect is the loss of Congress and the transformation of Biden into a “lame duck” with a change of power in two and a half years, and not the dictatorship of the Democrats.

If there was no objective reason and there is nothing special to resist now, why did the Republicans from Texas decide to start the process of the collapse of the country?

From supporters of Texas independence in some Texas bar you can hear stories about how the Yankees occupied this fertile land, and that Texas is the only state that became part of the United States as an internationally recognized state, therefore, it has special rights and must regain their independence if the “communists in Washington” completely go out of their way.

In fact, Hawaii, not Texas, was not the only (although the first), but a fully established state that was merged into the United States against the will of the population. But the Texas “Svidomo”, professed, according to various estimates, by 10-20% of the state’s population, is a touching phenomenon and potentially useful from the point of view of Russian interests, so you don’t want to bathe it in skepticism – let it live, maybe it will come in handy.

It is unlikely to come in handy in the near future: the US economy and statehood will have to “sag” for a long time before the idea of ​​an independent Texas becomes truly popular. Local Republicans clearly believe that this is a controlled process on their part (which is formally true; the call to the Legislative Assembly to hold a referendum was issued by the dominant party in this legislative assembly), and their message, apparently, should be understood as follows: Biden brought the country to such a pen that it threatens to fall apart.

In reality, they are not going to ruin it yet. They just raise the stakes before the elections.

That is why Biden, trying to fight off the accusations, intimidates the Republicans with “Putin’s fist in Europe”, which should be more terrible for them than high gas prices, but ignores the beginning of secession in Texas – a process that seems to be historical.

But if the Republicans continue to insist on their own, it will be turned against them. They will be declared as a hostile force trying to destroy a great power or something like that. May have an effect.

The idea of ​​unity is very important to the American consciousness. Actually, the main idea of ​​the Yankees during the Civil War was not the abolition of slavery (several slave states also fought for Lincoln), but the preservation of the country within its former borders.

The idea of ​​the Texas patriots is more like dizziness from success than a full-fledged attempt at blackmail, much less a project to destroy the United States. But if the dispute over the rights of the states again reaches a civil war, the issue of supporting the Texas militia will need to be raised not at the level of newspaper articles, but at the level of the Russian Security Council. This is the era now.

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