Jan 10, 2022
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The collapse of the “successor” operation: Why Massimov, the security officer of Elbasy No. 1 was arrested

Photo: former chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov

Photo: former chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov (Photo: Alexander Astafiev / TASS)

On the website of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 8, “operational information” appeared, and, moreover, the only one for the period of unrest, except for the expression of condolences to the victims. Let’s give it in full.

“On January 6 of this year, the National Security Committee launched a pre-trial investigation into high treason under Part 1 of Article 175 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the same day, on suspicion of committing this crime, the former chairman of the National Security Committee Massimov K. K. and other persons were detained and taken to the temporary detention center. Other information is not subject to disclosure in the interests of the investigation. ”

To make it clear who we are talking about, we will cite some facts from the biography of Masimov: he is not just some lieutenant general, but twice the prime minister at Nazarbayev (2007-2012, 2014-2016), as well as the head of the administration, again Nazarbayev (2012-2014) and, most importantly, the head of the KNB since 2016 – since the start of the Kazakh operation “successor”. That is, in theory, looking for Tokayev, no matter what denials are heard from the local authorities.

It is noteworthy that the arrest of Masimov took place just three days after he was dismissed by Tokayev. This happened as part of the resignation of the government, ostensibly in order to bring down the intensity of the protest. However, back on January 5, when the news about the reshuffle at the very top in Kazakhstan appeared, some of the experts on the “dark side of Kazakhstan” suggested that the dismissal of the influential head of the security service by Tokayev was much more important than the dissolution of the government led by Askar Mamin

The fact is that the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a pure technical cabinet, and ministers in it are changed like gloves, while Massimov was considered the “infallible and unsinkable” head of the internal security service. He, we repeat, was a devoted appointee of the Elbasy. In his place came Ermek Sagimbaev, who is – just a moment of attention – Tokayev’s one hundred percent man.

Joanna Lillis, author of the book “Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan”, writes that Sagimbayev, although not a newcomer to the security apparatus, but his arrival in the KNB caused a lot of personnel problems and even a partial loss of control over his apparatus.

Thus, the arrest of Masimov, especially under the firing squad, can mean one thing: the elbasy no longer has power over Tokayev at all. This means that the operation “successor” in Kazakhstan failed, as, indeed, many other similar attempts in the former Soviet republics. Rumors immediately spread that Nazarbayev himself had either escaped or was under house arrest, allegedly due to illness.

Press Secretary of Nazarbayev Aidos Ukibai I was forced to give a separate comment to dispel these “speculations”. He said: “As I said earlier, the Elbasy was in Nur-Sultan all these days and provided support to the head of state. However, the situation was very difficult and therefore the elbasy himself decided to transfer the post of chairman of the Security Council to the president. ” And in general, they say, Nazarbayev and Tokayev are on the same side of the barricades.

Well, what else could Ukibai say. His duty is to say things that no one in Kazakhstan believes in. Moreover, we repeat, on January 6, security officer No. 1 in Nazarbayev’s security structure was isolated. You can even be sure that everything happened with lightning speed, since the question stood squarely – who will win. And this happened, apparently, quite harshly, since the practice of Asian “palace coups” clearly shows that the viziers were destroyed first.

And one more thing: Tokayev, literally a few hours before his arrest, said that 20,000 bandits had left their sleeping cells to attack Almaty with a clearly defined strategy and subordination to a central command post. He said: “We had to deal with armed and trained bandits, both local and foreign. It is with bandits and terrorists. That is why they must be eliminated. ” This was followed by an order to fire without warning and the introduction of CSTO military units into the country.

It should be noted that the events in Kazakhstan really have at least two faces – a social protest caused by the flagrantly unfair distribution of national wealth, and an attack by the jihadist underground on government institutions, not without the help of pro-American NGOs. No, the Yankees were hardly directly involved in organizing the “color revolution”, but they, it seems, would not mind if the vast country neighboring Russia and China plunged into the abyss of a civil war.

In any case, the circumstances leading up to the massacre are still shrouded in mystery, fueling rumors of a major internal power showdown. Of course, some “foreigners” took part in the riots – where without them. But experts on the “dark side of Kazakhstan” are of the opinion that bloody January was caused by inter-tribal contradictions, exacerbated by the economic crisis.

So, Lillis explains that following Masimov’s arrest, the new head of the NKB, Sagimbayev, “faces enormous challenges in his new role as Kazakhstan is picking up the pieces following a fiasco that has clearly been fueled by serious security disruptions.” The phrase “to collect the fragments” should also be understood in a broader sense – it is an attempt to sew a “patchwork quilt” of zhuzes that hate each other.

If you look at the current information background about the Republic of Kazakhstan, you can see that the topic of social protest instantly changed to a “terrorist” agenda. Today news from Kazakhstan only says that it is not Kazakhs who are shooting, but international bandits. But at the same time, even in official reports, the name Nur-Sultan is no longer used, instead of which the word “capital” is used.

It is appropriate to add another surprising fact here. In an interview with the government TV channel “Khabar 24” Ermukhamet Ertysbayev, Nazarbayev’s former adviser and now a well-known TV commentator in Kazakhstan nicknamed “the president’s nightingale,” said the following: “It was set by the conspirators, in my opinion, the goal is to remove President Tokayev from power.” He also added: “I have exclusive information (…) that, for example, 40 minutes before the attack on the airport (Almaty), an order was given to completely remove the cordon and security.”

Here you don’t even need to go to your grandmother to understand that the order to “remove the cordon and guards” was given not from a foreign terrorist center, but from some of their high-ranking officials who are vitally interested in Tokayev’s departure. But even authoritative experts will not say who exactly. The trail may lead to Nazarbayev, who allegedly “himself made the decision to transfer the post of chairman of the Security Council to the president” on the very day when Massimov, the security officer of Elbasy No. 1, was fired.

In theory, Nursultan Abishevich should have said at least a few words about his departure, as he did, for example, Yeltsin… By the way, the last time Nazarbayev was seen in public on December 28, when he visited St. Petersburg to participate in an economic forum and met on the sidelines with Putin

Perhaps the elbasy will still appear on TV next to the radiant Tokayev, who will thank Nazarbayev for his “enormous help in putting things in order”. After all, Nursultan Abishevich is friends with Vladimir Vladimirovich, and he, as you know, does not abandon his own people. As for Masimov, then he probably has a “tower” so that others will be discouraged. One thing is clear that in Kazakhstan there are still very strong zhuz contradictions, which will be 100% speculated by external terrorist centers.

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