Nov 11, 2021
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The cold has come: how to keep warm in the apartment – expert advice

The cold has come: how to keep warm in the apartment - expert advice

In the cold season, it is important not only to warm the home, but also to keep it warm. This can be difficult sometimes. Sometimes the heat is not enough even when the heating is on, especially in extreme cold outside.

Replace regular windows with sealed glass units

This will significantly save money. But you need to take into account one nuance:

  • Replacing ordinary wooden windows with plastic ones, a person may experience a lack of air. Many keep them ajar, and the savings are lost.

It is better to open all windows completely for 5-10 minutes. This will change the air, but the objects in the room will not have time to cool down and the new air will quickly heat up.

Open the curtains and lift the blinds to let light into the room

Window glass lets in sunlight, and it, penetrating into the room and reflected from the white walls, is scattered throughout the room. And this is plus one or two degrees for free in the daytime.

Caulk window frames to eliminate heat leakage

Sealing gaps in window frames – this work will take you only a few minutes, and for the price it will be inexpensive. Agree, this is much less than an extra zero on your electricity bill. In addition, it will save you from drafts.

Place the foil between the battery and the wall

Some of the heat generated by the batteries is burned off by the cold, which penetrates the walls. Place a barrier between the battery and the wall; for this, a foil panel is best suited, you can from the most ordinary kitchen. Foil reflects heat back into the room, preventing it from escaping through the cold wall.

If possible, install a thermostat

It will allow you to manually adjust the room temperature at different times of the day. For example, when you are sleeping or at work, 18 degrees is sufficient. And by the time you wake up or come home from work, it will automatically heat the room to 22 degrees or higher. This simple step can save you another 5% to 15% per year on your bills each year.

Take a shower or bath with the door open

If this is not possible, leave the bathroom open after bathing. This is obvious: the warm, humid air created by the hot water will help raise the temperature in adjacent rooms. As a rule, they are the corridor and the hallway, which, by the way, are not the warmest parts of the apartment, so a warm shower does not fit them. In a figurative sense, of course.

After using the oven, do not rush to close it.

Winter is a great time to bake bread, cookies and cakes. When you’re done, leave the oven door open to let the heat “move” into the kitchen. But it is only important that at this time there are no children and pets in the kitchen, escort them to other rooms for this time

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