Aug 25, 2022
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The client forced the master to fix the damaged manicure

ruined neon manicureAlex Battery, who went for a manicure, thought she was immune from trouble, because she made an appointment with a professional master.

ruined neon manicure

But a resident of Hartlepool (England), who wished for a bright neon design and provided a sample, was still disappointed. There was no question of any neatness on the nails, so Alex joked grimly that the manicure looked like it was done at least with a shovel.

ruined neon manicure

However, the determined client did not want to put up with such an attitude and forced the master to redo her manicure. Such an ability to stand up for herself earned the lady a lot of praise in social networks, because many fashionistas who survived such manicure disasters are sure that sometimes negligent masters become impudent because of our own shyness.

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