Nov 24, 2021
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The Christian Science Monitor: Russia is not going to attack Ukraine


The Christian Science Monitor: Russia is not going to attack Ukraine
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The author of the material, Fred Veer, noted that the deployment of 100 thousand troops with heavy equipment in the Western Military District of the Russian Federation, not far from Ukraine, causes concern in Kiev and Washington. However, he is confident that Moscow is not going to attack. Firstly, an armed conflict is not beneficial to Russia from an economic point of view, and secondly, it will cause a lot of discontent among the Ukrainians living in the country.

Strengthening in the region is caused by the desire of Moscow to draw the attention of the West to the requirements put forward earlier, the analyst explained. Russia needs guarantees that Ukraine and other post-Soviet republics will not be drawn into NATO and will be allowed to remain neutral. This, the American journalist believes, is the basis of stability in the region.

“[Президент России Владимир] Putin said that “tension is good,” meaning that our Western opponents must be kept in a state of dismay, because only then will they take into account Russia’s interests. Apparently, Putin wants to start a new chapter and finally convey to the West the idea that NATO enlargement has come to an end, ”suggests Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs magazine.

Fred Veer recalled that during a speech at a meeting of the Russian Foreign Ministry collegium last week, Putin criticized the West for not paying attention to the country’s red lines in relation to Ukraine. He stressed that it is necessary to put an end to the military integration of Kiev into NATO. According to the president, over the past two decades, the Alliance has come close to the Russian borders, so the country will not tolerate a potential membership of Kiev in the military bloc.

An analyst at The Christian Science Monitor noted that Ukraine’s application to join the organization has been postponed so far, but the leadership of the Alliance has repeatedly argued that in the end Kiev will be accepted. Lukyanov said he watched as Moscow’s allies in the former Warsaw Pact Organization and the three post-Soviet Baltic states took turns joining NATO. He noted that the prospect that the forces of the military bloc will be located even closer on the territory of Ukraine will never be acceptable for the Russian Federation.

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