Feb 21, 2021
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The chief US infectious disease specialist allowed the extension of the mask regime for another year

Chief US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci did not rule out that Americans will have to wear protective masks next year.

Earlier, he and American President Joe Biden expressed the hope that by 2022 the lives of citizens could return to a state before the coronavirus pandemic.

On the air of CNN, Fauci suggested that by the end of 2021 “we will be getting closer to a normal situation.”

The cancellation of the mandatory wearing of masks, he said, will depend on the dynamics of the spread of the virus.

This could happen if the rate drops significantly to the point where the threat of exposure to a carrier of the virus is minimal and most of the population is vaccinated, Fauci said.

On the eve of American epidemiologists published a study in which they talked about the long-term consequences of the transferred coronavirus.

For example, a third of the study participants, six to nine months after recovery, continued to feel unwell, tired, sore throat and coughing. In addition, many have complained of a poor sense of taste and smell. In severe cases of COVID-19, the chronic effects were more pronounced, the scientists noted.

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