Oct 14, 2021
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The chief pulmonologist told how to quit smoking

The chief pulmonologist told how to quit smoking

The specialist gave useful advice to those who are going to part with a bad habit

The specialist gave useful advice to those who are going to part with a bad habit.
The chief pulmonologist, head of the pulmonology department of the Research Institute-KKB # 1, Doctor of Medical Sciences Larisa Shulzhenko gave recommendations to those who decided to quit smoking.

– You must have an ironclad motive to quit smoking. Make a list of the most significant reasons why you would like to get rid of the bad habit. They can be: restoration and preservation of health, fear of death, striving for rejuvenation, pregnancy, saving money, improving athletic performance, self-esteem, and the like. Hang this list in the most conspicuous place, – noted Larisa Shulzhenko.

In addition, those who decide to give up the bad habit should keep a “Smoker’s Diary”. Write down how many cigarettes you smoked per day, at what time, the number of puffs, your emotional state. At the end of each week, review what has been written, looking at the factors that trigger smoking. Changing habits often leads to a breakdown, so reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke gradually.

– Create “sanitary zones” – places where you never, under any circumstances, smoke. The best choice is your home and your car, ”the pulmonologist continued.

People who want to quit smoking should not carry cigarettes, matches or a lighter with them.

The specialist also recommends finding like-minded people who are also determined to fight smoking.

– Look for a replacement cigarette. If you really want to smoke – drink a glass of water, juice or green tea, eat fresh vegetables or fruits, chew gum. Switch your attention: do something interesting, talk to a friend, listen to your favorite music, read a book, take a walk, the doctor added.

Most people make several attempts to quit smoking until they succeed. – If you broke off and smoked again – do not despair. You have not been defeated. During the fight against the habit, you recognized your weaknesses, realized what factors and situations make you smoke. And this means that the next attempt will be much easier, – concluded Larisa Shulzhenko.

Scientists have told what women need to quit smoking. According to doctors, women quit smoking 31% less often than men. Scientists believe that the main reason for such statistics is nervousness, which increases addiction to cigarettes.

Therefore, among their recommendations for those who want to quit are meditation classes, communication with a psychologist and advice it is easier to look at life’s difficulties.

Scientists have found a new easy way to quit smoking

Canadian experts have proven that the best way to permanently quit cigarettes is to think all the time about the reaction of the non-smoking community.

The researchers conducted an experiment with 156 smokers. They were divided into two groups. The subjects were allowed to smoke normally.
However, one group was offered cigarettes in packs of neutral people. The other participants in the experiment had to get “nicotine sticks” only from packages on which were pasted pictures of people with expressions of disgust on their faces.

Scientists have come up with a way to quit smoking using artificial intelligence

Later, the members of the second group admitted that they felt feelings of shame and guilt by lighting each new cigarette. Many of them thought about quitting smoking.

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