Jul 1, 2020
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The chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka blamed the abandoned corpse bags on the ritualists and relatives of the deceased

The bodies of the dead, whose data were found in corpse bags near the coronavirus patients hospital in Kommunarka, were taken by individual entrepreneurs from the hospital morgue, head of the institution Denis Protsenko said on Facebook and expressed hope that law enforcement agencies will understand the situation.

He explained that in the pathology department of the hospital there are special rules for issuing the bodies of the dead, introduced due to the epidemic of coronavirus. Upon receipt of a closed coffin in a hospital, a relative of the deceased or his authorized representative must sign a requirement to comply with the sanitary-epidemiological regime under the threat of the spread of COVID-19.

"By signing this document, he bears administrative responsibility for violating the integrity of the coffin. The hospital draws up all the documents in accordance with the law, and there can be no questions here!" - emphasized Protsenko. Relatives order transportation and burial services in a ritual company. "And after completing all the documents in the hospital, the responsibility lies with them, or their proxies," the head doctor said.

He emphasized that among the documents found outside the hospital were not medical records of patients, but a photocopy of the title page of the medical records to identify the deceased. "All originals of medical documentation, medical history are stored in a hospital in a special archive," Protsenko said.

Bags for transporting bodies were discovered on June 28 near the flyover at some distance from the hospital in Kommunarka. The packages contained documents with personal data of patients, blood and tags from corpses. Passers-by who found them took all this to the hospital and, according to their testimonies, were able to freely pass directly into the "dirty" zone of the hospital.

The publication Readovka, which first covered this story, published a photo of one of the documents found in the name of Gydin Jose Viktorovich, 54 years old. The sheet shows the date and time of admission of the patient, the results of computed tomography, the diagnosis of COVID-19, as well as the date and time of death, indicated by hand. Gydin's relatives confirmed to the portal that the man died on June 3. For two weeks he was connected to a ventilator.

According to Redovka, Jose Gydin was the general director of the interregional public fund to support the Academy of the FSB of the Russian Federation. On April 1, at the 80th year of his life, his father, the officer-educator of the Suvorov School Viktor Gydin, died. On the website of Moscow Suvorov’s, it is reported that he died after a serious illness.

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