Nov 23, 2021
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The chef spent a huge amount on a white truffle

expensive white truffleThe annual auction “Alba White Truffle Fair” (Alba, Italy), where you can buy white truffles, attracts people who are ready to spend a lot on these mushrooms.

expensive white truffle

In the same year, chef Umberto Bombana, who had previously received such a prestigious award as a Michelin star, caused everyone to be surprised. He purchased an 830 gram white truffle, paying a whopping € 103,000 at auction. It remains to be hoped that those wonderful dishes that Umberto will prepare for his guests will pay off such expenses.

expensive white truffle

The considerable price of white truffles is due to their rarity. If black truffles (also expensive) can be grown on farms, then white truffles are exclusively wild growing, and they can only be found by experienced specialists, as well as trained dogs and pigs.

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