Feb 19, 2021
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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised the official exchange rates of the dollar and euro on Saturday

The official rate of the euro against the ruble set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on Saturday rose by 67.27 kopecks to 89.5427 rubles, follows from the data of the regulator.

Also, the dollar rate rose to 73.9717 rubles. The growth was 19.62 kopecks.

The bi-currency basket rose in price by 41.1 kopecks to 80.9787 rubles.

On Friday morning, it was reported that at the opening of trading at the Moscow Exchange, the dollar rose in price by 0.06% to 73.95 rubles, the euro rose in price by 0.06% to 89.44 rubles.

On the eve, it was also reported about the record value of bitcoin, which rose above the psychological mark of 52 thousand dollars. Bitcoin has risen in price for the fourth consecutive week. During this time, it has risen in price 1.6 times.

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