Jul 31, 2020
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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has changed the method of determining systemically important banks

The Central Bank is changing the methodology for determining systemically important credit institutions, since before that the international activity of banks was not fully taken into account.

The new procedure for forming the list of SZKOs will more correctly take into account the international activity of credit institutions. Also, the values ​​of other indicators included in the calculation of the final data will be redistributed. For example, the size of the bank, the volume of deposits of individuals, connections with other organizations.

As specified in the message of the Central Bank, all organizations included in the list now will remain in it after changing the methodology.

Last week, the regulator cut the key rate to 4.25% per annum, which is a record low. Earlier it was reported that every third Russian plans to withdraw a deposit from the bank with a further drop in rates.

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