Dec 31, 2020
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The Central Bank has established the official rates of the euro and dollar for weekends and holidays

The Bank of Russia has set official rates for the euro and dollar for weekends and holidays.

According to the regulator, the rate of the European currency rose by 11.08 kopecks and reached 90.7932 rubles. The dollar exchange rate remained unchanged, amounting to 73.8757 rubles.

The Central Bank also reported that the value of the dual-currency basket ($ 0.55 and € 0.45), calculated at official rates for the weekend, increased by five kopecks to 81.4886 rubles.

As wrote, the dollar gained 20% against the ruble in 2020. The euro rose 32%. The exchange rate was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the weakening of investors for the entire group of risky assets in the outgoing year, as well as the aggravated geopolitical background.

Economists have previously warned that the global economy will face difficulties in 2021, but a serious global banking crisis is likely not to occur, so deposits will be a good option for storing savings. At the same time, experts noted that one should not give preference to the dollar.

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