Sep 16, 2020
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The Central Bank did not record an increase in leaks of financial data of Russians during a pandemic

The Central Bank of Russia reported that during the pandemic, the activity of fraudsters specializing in obtaining and distributing personal data of clients of financial institutions has increased, but no significant increase in leaks has been identified.

We do not observe an increase in leaks in the financial sector compared to last year. The market for illegal information classified as personal data is, in principle, always relatively stable. And talking about some outbursts can be a stretch., - reported in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the first deputy head of the Central Bank department, curator FinCERT Artyom Sychev.

He noted that there are a lot of materials on the black market that sellers pass off as fresh, but most often these are traces of old leaks, outdated data or information that users themselves have posted freely on the Web.

The representative of the Central Bank emphasized that during the pandemic, the number of calls from fraudsters trying to obtain personal data by phone has increased significantly.

Their number has increased, but the effectiveness has not. The amount of money stolen did not increase significantly. We also see that the share of unauthorized transactions in the total volume of payments is decreasing., - Sychev explained.

He said that most often fraudsters resort to a scenario in which they inform clients of a financial institution that they tried to hack their account, and offer to transfer funds to a new secure deposit. The victim in this situation must either provide the fraudster with the data or make a money transfer.

The representative of the Central Bank also said that for some time the scammers tried to use the topic of the spread of the coronavirus and additional payments in connection with the pandemic, however, according to him, the attackers were actively speculating on this topic for a week or a half before the clear mechanisms of such payments were presented.

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