Feb 22, 2021
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The cause of death of Ekaterina Gradova became known

00:46, 23.02.2021

The actress died suddenly due to a stroke at the age of 75.

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February 22 Maria Mironova reported about the death of his mother Ekaterina Gradova… Series star “Seventeen Moments of Spring” passed away at 74. The death of the actress was an unexpected blow to her family and friends. It turned out that the cause of death was a sudden stroke.

Ekaterina Georgievna suffered from several chronic diseases, but on the eve of Gradova’s death she felt well and was not sick. The daughter of the actress Maria was on vacation in the Maldives when she was contacted and told that her mother suddenly became ill. Ambulance doctors diagnosed a stroke. Ekaterina Georgievna was urgently hospitalized. In the hospital, doctors began to do the Gradovoy operation, but the actress’s heart could not stand it and stopped in the process. In connection with the sad event, Maria Mironova is forced to interrupt her trip – tomorrow the daughter of the deceased will return to Moscow.

Ekaterina Gradova in the series “Seventeen Moments of Spring”

The funeral of Ekaterina Gradova will take place at the Troekurovsky cemetery on February 24. As reported by the publication “MK”, the artist’s family is organizing the funeral ceremony. In addition, Ekaterina Georgievna’s relatives are assisted by the director of the Lenkom theater, on the stage of which Maria Mironova has been performing since 1996. We add that the star daughter of Gradova is going through the death of her mother hard. In her microblog on Instagram, the artist asked journalists to leave her alone for a while. In addition to Maria, some other representatives of show business have already honored the memory of the mother. So, Mironova expressed their condolences Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Daria Attorney

Also, among those who are not indifferent to the death of Ekaterina Georgievna was the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Pashutin… Artist expressed regret that after several bright roles, Gradova decided to leave filming and work in the theater. Pashutin said that the death of a Soviet film star is the loss of a part of an entire generation of artists. Recall that Ekaterina Georgievna graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. After graduation, Gradova entered the troupe of actors of the Moscow Academic Drama Theater. Mayakovsky. Later, the artist continued her career at the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire.

Ekaterina Gradova with her daughter Maria Mironova

Ekaterina Gradova made her film debut in 1967, playing in the film Autumn Weddings. However, the artist became widely known after the role of radio operator Kat in the television series “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. This was also followed by a successful film “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, where Gradova appeared in the form of Baryl Stapleton. In 1979, another project was released on small screens, according to which many remembered Ekaterina Georgievna – “Meeting place can not be Changed”… It is noteworthy that the actress herself admitted: the role of Svetlana Volokushina in this series became hateful to her.

In 1982, Gradova was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples for her services in the production of Soviet television films. However, Ekaterina Georgievna’s career in cinema was soon cut short – at the age of 38, the artist’s health condition deteriorated significantly due to illness. After that, the star began to appear less and less on small screens and the theater stage. As the actress admitted, during her illness she despaired of bouncing back, but her newfound faith in God helped her cope with the illness. After her recovery, Gradova finally left the acting craft and devoted herself to religion.

Ekaterina Gradova in the show “The Fate of a Man”

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